Wednesday, October 30, 2013

family fun night

every fall, kids' city does a "family fun night" event. sunday, 10.20.13, the event was held at alldredge orchards here in platte city. this was actually the first time i had been there, and it is such a cute little farm. this year was different from past years, it was the park hill campus individually. usually we put it on with all campus's together. lindsey did a great job planning all of this on her own, and it was a fantastic turn out. i was able to just go around and take family pictures and some candids for the event. it was a blast.

emmett's face in this one just cracks me up

emmett loves my brother, and my brother loves emmett

emmett's mom is a professional photographer

love these two people

poor lucy was running on no nap. great family from my small group. they have even recently started contributing in kids' city also!

nelson family. she is also a professional photographer. 

edinger family. they are a great part of kids' city, and open their home for small group every week. 

the brown family. 1. i love this child so much. 2. they are just a fantastic family to know. 

dad is always the one behind the camera, so i was more than happy to get some of just the two of them. 

the carver family. 

hollands + kuehns.

me, brother, and mom

i was crazy and let this child ^ use my camera. 

this is what happened.

and of course you need some silly faces

smore time

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